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Welcome to the NNY NTS welcome message clearinghouse. As a priority of Section Manager Rocco WU2M, this site allows for the claiming, sending, and reporting of messages welcoming new and/or upgraded amateur operators in the hobby. Data is uploaded manually from the ARRL and is often incomplete, with missing phone numbers or email addresses. To help complete the data record and allow the message to be sent as an official Radiogram over the National Traffic System, please use the edit functions to add email addresses and phone numbers, as well as to update mailing addresses where necessary.

For more information on the ARRL NNY Section, the National Traffic System, and these messages, please visit the NNY Section page on the ARRL website. For comments, information, or errors encountered specifically when using this website, please contact Matt KD2TBS.

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Current Database Records: 59

Unique Callsigns in Database: 174

Total Database Records: 207

Available Messages: 23

Claimed Messages: 4

NTS Handlers: 4

Completed Messages: 180

Sent as Radiogram: 55

Sent as Postcard: 82

Sent as Email: 34

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